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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Working Bees

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Digital Business Britain Manifesto

Working Bees
The People-to-people services marketplace
Spread the World   -    Get more Jobs   -   Make Extra Money.

Customer need

Customers need convenient and quick access to a wide range of reliable and proven service
providers. The traditional route is to use referrals (great for establishing the creditability of the
service provider, but limited to 1 or 2 options) or a business directory such as the Yellow Pages
with mass coverage but limited ability to assess feedback from previous customers. To
compare service providers requires the customer to put a lot of time and effort into gathering
and comparing quotes. 

*     Working Bees solution 
Working-bees.com provides customers with the ability to post a requirement for a service and
then receive quotes from service providers. This provides effective access to a wide range and
number of service providers with the reassurance of feedback from other service users.

*     Why we should work together
We  are  currently  looking  for  talented  individuals  and  companies  to  join  our  service. As  an early stage company we need to drive user numbers. 

*     For our potential Business Partners this is an opportunity to sell a service that solves a problem no one else is effectively solving.
 The commission rates are extremely attractive!

Features and benefits 

*     A  wide  range  of  services  covered  - 
We  currently  cover  2,800  services  in  120  different categories and, if providers are offering a service not currently listed, they can ask to have it added. 

*     Easy  posting  of  service  requirement  quotes  -
This  takes  the  hassle  out  of  finding  and
comparing providers away from the customer.

*     An effective provider feedback and rating system
With objective feedback consumers can
benefit  from  having more  confidence  in  their  buying  decision.  For  the  service  provider
positive  feedback  can  improve  their  reputation  and  lead  to  more  sales.  A  provider’s
feedback  rating  is  not  only  customer  driven,  it  can  also  be  enhanced  by  helpful written

*     Community  development  capacity  –
The  site  enables  active  and  focused  community
followings  to  be  developed  enabling  users  to  share  advice,  feedback  and  build  new  and
useful business  relationships. Sharing  ideas and  experiences can be  a  tremendous help  to
many who are just starting out. Websites that are content rich will consistently attract more
repeat traffic than those without. 

*     Sophisticated profile analytics -  
A user may easily view an analysis of how many visitors
are  reading  their profile, at what  time and where  they are  located. This helps better  target 

Working Bees
What is all about 

Working Bees  is  one  of  the  most  feature  rich  and  comprehensive  service-based
websites online today and our unique range of facilities makes us the ideal platform for service
providers  as  well  as  service  consumers.  Our  goal  is  to  bring  the  finest  service  providers together  and  enable  customers  to  trust  us  as  a  reliable  and  useful  resource.  Additionally, Working Bees provides an advertising opportunity for service providers as well as a thriving online community for sharing tips, ideas and advice. 

We  are  currently  looking  for  talented  individuals  and  companies  to  join our  service,  and  are offering very attractive discounts for members of trade and professional organizations. 

Working Bees has  three  membership  offerings; 
-         Free  Basic  Accounts  and 
-         Paid Expert and  Master Accounts.
All of these accounts allow members to explore and interact with
various  features  of  our  site,  but we  have  a  special  promotion  underway  for members  from associations and trade groups. 

*     Feature Rich Platform 
Working Bees has a host of features that are brought together on one website, and we
offer service providers as well as service consumers a wide range of benefits. Firstly, we allow
service  providers  to  feature  their  service  details  in  their  profile. This  gives  potential  service consumers  the  opportunity  to  screen  providers  and  narrow  their  search.  Additionally,  we provide a space for feedback, which is a great place to discover if the service provider lives up to  expectations.  With  honest  and  objective  feedback,  service  consumers  can  benefit  from having  more  confidence  in  their  buying  decision.  This  also  helps  the  service  provider  as positive  feedback  can  improve  their  reputation, developing  a  steady  and  respected history of  servicing clients. 

*     Social Networking 
The  social  networking  aspect  of  our  website  enables  people  to  share  advice,  feedback  and suggestions as well as being able to build new and useful business relationships. This is perfect for  those  looking for a new and cost effective way  to hone  their skills while advertising  their services.

*     Members’ Benefits 
We provide the convenience of a service providers’ directory without  the hassle. Members of
Working Bees can browse  through 2,800 services  in 120 different categories, and  if providers are offering a service not currently listed, they can ask to have it added. As customers search  for  the  best match,  they  can  view  profiles,  look  at  customer  feedback  and make  an informed decision. 

*     Profile Analytics 
We have incorporated an analytics function into www.working-bees.com. This enables service
providers  to  view which  visitors  are  reading  their  profile,  at what  time  and where  they    are located,  helping  them  better  target  their  marketing  efforts.  This  tool  is  included  in  the affordable subscription fee along with all our other facilities. This makes our analytics function cheaper than the stand-alone analytics tools offered elsewhere on the web. 

*     Community Driven 
Not  only  does Working Bees  provide  opportunities,  it  also  is  a  great  place  to  get advice  and mentoring  from  other  service  providers  in  our  community.  Having  a  chance  to connect with  other members  can  help  develop  and  enhance  skills which will  lead  to  a more polished  service. Bringing  people  together  is  an  important  aspect  of  our  service  and  sharing ideas and experiences can be a  tremendous help  to many who are  just getting started. Service providers giving advice also benefit because on Working Bees, a provider’s feedback rating  is  not  only  customer  driven;  it  can  be  enhanced  by  writing  helpful  and  valuable contributions too. 

*     Ratings System 
We also offer a ratings system  that  is one of  the most valuable and attractive tools  to pair the
right  people with  the  right  jobs.  This  takes  a  lot  of  the  uncertainty  and  guess work  out  of looking for a good match while minimizing risk or confusing expectations. 

*     Online Scheduling 
Working Bees  is  the  perfect  site  for  those  seeking  jobs  that  can  fit  around  their
schedule. In fact, one of the unique features we provide for members is  the ability  to set up a
personal  schedule  which  allows  people  to  book  work  in  advance  at  a  time  that  suits  both parties. This allows service providers to schedule their services so they can have more control of  their  business,  and  service  consumers  can  agree  a  mutually  convenient  time  when  that service will be provided. 

Our prices are already low and there are no hidden fees or complicated pricing schemes. For a
low monthly fee, members can enjoy a wide range of features designed not only  to provide a
great source of potential revenue, but also to increase their marketability. Once the monthly fee
is paid there are no additional costs; unlike other websites, which impose a commission fee for
every sale lead. 

Our site  is free  to  try, and  inexpensive  to  join, with no commissions or hidden fees. As more people  discover  the  benefits  of  the  unique  platform we  provide,  www.working-bees.com  is becoming  one  of  the  most  valued  marketplace  services  available.  In  fact,  Working Bees  is  perfect  for  anyone  looking  for  new  and  exciting  marketing  and  professional development  opportunities.  You  can  have  a  look  at  our  services  today  at  Working Bees

We are committed  to providing  the best marketing and development  tool online, and believe
that Working Bees  is  the perfect place  for professionals  to grow  their businesses as
well as their skills and experience. Because of the quality service providers we feature, this is
quickly  becoming  an  invaluable  asset  for  service  consumers  to  find  what  they  need  with minimal  risk  or  hassle.  You  can  find  out  more  and  check  out  the  website’s  functions  at Working Bees  .  

Working Bees 
Business Partnership

*     Amazing New Opportunity
Working Bees  is a game changing online marketplace for people-to-people services that span
every single community in the UK. With a strong social networking foundation, significant investments in new technologies and with more features than any other similar website, Working Bees  is  the new self-branding  tool  for  skilled  reliable people willing  to boost  their  service offerings online and offline and for people looking to hire the best local or global customer-endorsed talent available.

*     Starting Up
First things first – what’s in it for you? Well . . .

Exclusive Territory 
We will mutually agree on your Exclusive Territory. We  recommend  that  the  size of your Exclusive Territory  should  be  no  more  than  10  miles  radius  around  your  Office.  On  top  of  your  Exclusive Territory you will have access to the entire worldwide web.

Own Promotional Codes 
You will be able to issue your own promotional codes to help in selling working-bees.com membership subscriptions. You will also have full creative control over where to place these promotional codes, how to distribute  them on  the market,  and how  to  increase  the  response-rate  efficiency. You  can  issue  as many promotional codes as you see fit. We will show you later how to do it and will provide you with a valuable tool box to help you.

Promotional Code Discount 
You will be able to offer a special discount for all your Own Promotional Codes. It is solely up to you to decide the level of discount you would like to offer for each promotional code. The only limitation is that you cannot offer a discount bigger than your Maximum Discount Allowed.

Maximum Discount Allowed 
We will mutually agree on your Maximum Discount Allowed. The Maximum Discount Allowed is the maximum discount you are entitled to use when issuing a promotional code.

Lower Discount Bonus 
We will mutually agree on your Lower Discount Bonus. The Lower Discount Bonus is the way we split the difference between your Maximum Discount Allowed and the discount for your promotional codes.
An example will clear it up: let’s say your MDA is 40% and you are issuing promotional codes with a  discount of  20%. In this case, the difference between your MDA and 20% will be split among Working Bees  and you in accordance with the Lower Discount Bonus.

Expert Membership Commission 
For  each  new  paid Expert membership  acquired using  your  promotional  codes  or  coming  from  your Exclusive Territory  you will  be  paid  an Expert Membership Commission  based  on  the  length  of  the subscribed membership period. The Expert Membership Commission is £2 per paid month.

Master Membership Commission 
For  each new paid Master membership  acquired  using  your promotional  codes or  coming  from  your Exclusive  Territory  you will  be  paid  a Master Membership Commission  based  on  the  length  of  the subscribed membership period. The Master Membership Commission is £3 per paid month.  

WLS On-going Commission 
We will mutually agree on your WLS On-going Commission. Working Bees  offers its cutting edge technology to third parties willing to integrate it within their website. You could offer for free the White Label Service Module to any website worldwide. From every paid Expert or Master membership generated  through  your WLS Third  Party  Partners  you will  be  entitled  to  earn  your WLS On-going Commission for as long as the WLS Module stays integrated with the Third Party Partner website. 

Online Vouchers Commission 
We will mutually agree on your Online Vouchers Commission. Every time one of your customers buy-and-display  online  vouchers  with  Working Bees  you  will  earn  an  Online  Vouchers Commission.

Four Income Streams in One Place
Each Working Bees  business partner is given access to an exclusive territory to generate
income from effectively promoting to local people both online and offline. Furthermore, each
Working Bees  business partner is given access to their own back-office where they can issue
your own promotional codes, define their discount rates, view their customer statistics and track their earnings in real-time and very transparent way. There are four income streams available and you could choose any combination of them or all four.
The  concept  is  simple :  people  are  purchasing  services  online  from  people  every  day  –  as  a  business partner you will offer them access to the best online marketing  tool with  the greatest value for money ratio. 

Membership Subscription  
You  will  earn  commission  for  each  Expert  or  Master  membership  account  opened  using  your promotional codes or coming from your Exclusive Territory (based on their self-registered location). 
- Expert Membership:  let’s  say  a new Expert membership  account has been created using one of your promotional codes with MDA, for a 12 month period. In that case you will earn £2 * 12 months = £24.
Assume 10 one-year Expert Memberships have  registered  in a month using your promotional codes – your earnings will be £240.
- Master Membership:  let’s  say a new Expert account has been created using one of your promotional codes with MDA, for a 12 month period. In that case you will earn £3 * 12 months = £36.
Assume 10 one-year Master Memberships have registered in a month using your promotional codes – your earnings will be £360.

Lower Discount Bonus 
You will earn a bonus for each Expert or Master membership account opened using your lower discount promotional codes according with your Lower Discount Bonus.
Following the above example and using a Lower Discount Bonus of 60% and assuming your lower discount rate is 20%.
- Expert Membership: If the account has been created using a lower discount rate, for the same 12 month period,  than  the  formula will  be, with  the  above  data,  £9.88  *  (40%  –  20%)  *  60%  *  12 months = £14.23.  As  you  can  see,  you  can  substantially  increase  your  earnings  by  using  lower  discount promotional codes.
Assume only 5 one-year Expert Membership have registered in a month using your
lower discount promotional codes – your earnings will be £71.
- Master Membership: If the account has been created using a lower discount rate, for the same 12 month period,  than  the  formula will be, with  the  above data, £16.88 *  (40%  – 20%) * 60% * 12 months = £24.31. As  you  can  see,  you  can  almost  double  your  earnings  by  using  lower  discount  promotional codes. 
Assume  only  5  one-year Master Memberships  have  registered  in  a month  using  your  lower discount promotional codes – your earnings will be £121.
WLS On-going Commission 
You will  earn  commission  for  each  and  every  paid Expert  or Master membership  generated  through your WLS Third Party Partners and you will be entitled to earn your WLS On-going Commission for as long  as  the WLS Module  stays  integrated  with  the  Third  Party  Partner  website. 
Assume  you  will acquire only one WLS Integration per month with a big organization such as a Student Union and this integration generates 10 one-year Expert Memberships and 10 one-year Master Memberships. With a WLS On-going Commission level of 3% your earnings will be around £96.

Members Online Vouchers 
You will  earn  a  commission  every  time  one  of  your  customers  purchases  a  buy-and-display  online voucher with Working Bees .
Assume 10 of your customers buy 2 online vouchers per month each and your Online Vouchers Commission is £0.25, then your earnings will be £5.

With as little as only 10 one-year Expert Memberships and 10 one-year Master Memberships that you generated  in  one month within  the  above  conditions  your  earnings will  be  £893  per month. Higher income depends  solely on your  commitment,  creativity,  and hard-working  you decide  to put  in. You will be your own boss and decide the level of earnings you would like to attain. 

The earnings above are just show for understanding and  training purposes. The Blue Bee Corporation Ltd,  the company  that owns and operates working-bees.com cannot make any guarantees whatsoever  with  regard  to  your  earnings.  Your  earnings  will  depends  solely  on  your  commitment, creativity,  and  hard  work  you  decide  to  put  in.    
The  Blue  Bee  Corporation  Ltd  cannot  be  made responsible in any way whatsoever with regard to your actual earnings.

Dedicated Support to Succeed
There are over 40 million of working age, over 2.5 million  freelancers, over 4 million  self-employed and over 1.5 million SMEs  in UK all spending billions  in online advertising and  looking for  the most cost  effective way  to  raise  their  profile  and  generate more  business. All members  of Working Bees  can display  their  services, crafts, videos, documents and advice  to  show off  their skills and recommendations as well as use discount vouchers  to help  them network at both  local and worldwide level.  In  combination  with  an  open  networking  platform  Working Bees  is  the  UK’s  best digital self-marketing platform.

Working Bees  is providing its business partners with full creative control over the planning
and organizing their own promotional campaigns.

Working Bees  is  dedicated  to  help  its  business  partners  to  succeed. We  have  developed  a valuable tool box for you to use and will be at all the time available for any help you might require. 

Online & Offline Support 
You may  call  and/or  email  us  any  questions  you might  have  or  any  time  you  need  our  support. A dedicated team will be available to you and we will strive to answer your queries as speedy as possible.  

Own Back Office
We will issue you with your own user name and password to access your Own Dedicated Back Office. Here you will be able to:

Create Promotional Codes 
You will decide the discount for each promotional code, the starting and ending date of its availability, and could also write a description for each of them. You will be able to edit, delete or suspend your own promotional codes.

Latest Activity 
You will  be  able  to  see  your members’  latest  activity  – who  has  opened  an  account  or  logged  into his/her account on working-bees.com during the last 24 hrs.

Dynamic Reports 
Here  you  can  run  your  own-designed  reports  choosing  from  the  available  variable  and  criteria  – membership  type, membership period, promotional code,  type of  service  (online or offline),  services, banners, vouchers and for which period you would like to see the results. You can also print or export the generated reports for your further perusal.

WLS Script 
We are providing three types of White Label Service Modules to offer to Third Party Partner prospects. The  integration  is  free of charge and very easy  to be carried out –  they will  just copy-paste  the script provided  by  you within  their website.  The WLS  is web-based  and  totally  secure  –  all  data will  be actually delivered within Working Bees  .

WLS Analytics 
Is where you could track the activity of your integrated White Label Service with Third Party Partners. You can run different reports to help you better understand their activity.

Earnings Report 
Your online, real-time earning balance – how much money you have made to date, from which sources, and your current balance.

As your promotional campaigns will unfold,  the value of  the above  tools will become  relevant when you will start tracking your members’ activity, your promotional codes impact on the market and your WLS integration portfolio. These tools will provide you with all the details, data and other information you will need in your day-to-day activity of promoting Working Bees  .

We Would Love to Hear from You

Your Profile 
The Working Bees  business partnership is perfect for anyone who wants to be their own boss
and  earn  a  full  time  income  in  a  business  they  enjoy. All  of  our  business  partners  are  professional business-minded people who are both presentable and organized.
Are you a self-motivated individual who can expand a network rapidly?

If you’re working full time and would like to work on a business in your own time that could ultimately free  you  from  your  job  then  this  is  ideal  for  you.  You  will  have  full  creative  control  over  your promotional  campaigns. 
Are  you  an  imaginative  person  who  can  think  out  of  the  box ?

Perhaps you are already a business owner and would like  to get  involved with an  Internet business as you know  it’s a rapidly growing medium. Working Bees  is fundamentally about networking and creating new relationships.
Are you a sociable and confident entrepreneur?

The best part about  the Working Bees  opportunity  is that it will take up just a  few hours of your time every week to run.


*   Be your own boss. You can develop your business within your local area and work to your own schedule.
*   Huge potential to develop a significant residual income whilst adding value to your local business community.
*   Unprecedented creative control and the opportunity to learn a new dynamic set of skills. 
*   Extensive online and offline support from Working Bees  at all times.

General Conditions

There are no upfront costs or charges for the Business Partner towards The Blue Bee Corporation Ltd, the company who owns and operates Working Bees  . 

There will  be  no  costs  or  charges  for  the  Business  Partner  towards  The  Blue  Bee  Corporation  Ltd related to the WLS Module Integration. 

The Blue Bee Corporation Ltd will provide online  and phone help  free of  charge  for  the partnership period. 

All your earning details will be available, in real-time, in a transparent way for you to check them. Your earnings would  become  available  for  pay  out  after  30  days  after  a  user  opening  and  paying  for  an account. All banking-related charges will be charged  to your account. For UK-based companies bank charges will be nil. 

The collaboration could be ended by the Business Partner at any moment, with a thirty-day termination notice.
There are no requirements to state any reasons within this termination notice. All amounts due at the  moment  of  the  termination  notice  will  be  paid  to  the  Business  Partner  no  later  than  60  days afterwards. 
There  will  be  no  costs  or  charges  for  the  Business  Partner  towards  The  Blue  Bee
Corporation Ltd related to the termination notice. 

In order to set-up your Business Partner WLS Account we need from you the following details: 
-   your company name, your company address, your company VAT number, if applicable 
-   a list of the websites where WLS Module will be integrated

Contact Working Bees  Today!
-   email us at       office@working-bees.com   
-   call us on         07756.387.998
-   visit us at         www.working-bees.com   

Working Bees 
WLS Integration

Please find below an example of the Working Bees  White Label Service Integration script. 

<iframe name="FRAMENAME" src="http://working-bees.com/wb_ad.php?Rid=21" width="715" height="920" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowautotransparency=true></iframe>

How It Works – Quick & Easy! 
1. After agreeing on our Business Partnership we will create a Business Partner Account for you and email your username and password. 
2. With the above login details please go to www.working-bees.com/partners.php and login into your Business Partner Account. 
3. On the tab called WLS Script you will have your own three types of WLS Modules to use. 
4. Create a new page on your website and add one of these three scripts to it and you have integrated Working Bees  White Label Service Module into your website! 

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